Seeed Technology Monocrystalline Solar Cell 1W 8.2V

Seeed Technology Monocrystalline Solar Cell 1W 8.2V

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This Monocrystalline Solar Cell is made of a single-crystal material that performs high solar energy transformation efficiency at 17%. With a fine resin surface and sturdy back is suitable for outdoor environments. A 2mm JST connector is attached to the cell.

Voltage @ Pmpp is around 5.5V, depending on light intensity. In bright sunlight days with clear sky and big sun, like in the summer, the peak OC voltage can "climb" up to 10V. To prevent any damage to boards or modules that accept little input voltage (3V, 5V), it’s recommended to check whether the OC voltage is safe before any connection.


  • Typical voltage: 5.5V
  • Power (Watts) - Max: 1W
  • Typical current: 170mA
  • Open-circuit voltage: 8.2 V
  • Maximum load voltage: 6.4V
  • Material type: Monocrystalline
  • Dimensions: 100x80x2.5 mm
  • Connector: 2.0 mm JST
  • Manufacturer: Seeed Technology Co., Ltd
  • Lead-Free
  • RoHS Compliant

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