CP2102 Serial Converter USB to UART TTL

CP2102 Serial Converter USB to UART TTL

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This 5V or 3.3V compatible USB to UART converter (Bridge) has 6 male pins out pre-soldered. By default, it works at 5V, but if you want the 3.3V output, you need to do some soldering for the 3.3V and the RTS pins. After you have those pins soldered to the module, it becomes your best USB to Serial Converter.

This module is mostly used to program Arduino boards that don't have a USB port, like the Arduino Pro Mini.


  • Voltage: 5v or 3.3v 
  • Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible 
  • Arduino compatible 
  • DTR pulse for microcontrollers 
  • Minimum Baud Rate: 300 bit/sec 
  • Maximum Baud Rate: 921,600 bit/sec
  • Module manufacturer: BAITE
  • IC CP2102 from Silicon Labs

Download the driver: Here

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